A bit of Brian’s story…

I’m a husband to Megan, and the daddy to two littles. I desire to listen and know others through their stories, especially those with vastly different stories than my own. I’m: committed to parenting my kids with compassion and empathy; being reflective enough to know my own limitations; the local market; a hack foodie; trying to pass of the earth to my kids better than I found it; commuting on my bike; rich coffee; dark beer; good conversation. I currently consult others, helping them tell their stories via Web 2.0. More information about can be found here for people of faith in Jesus, here for my digital business card, and here for organizations looking to tell their stories in social media.

This blog started as part of my MA at Fuller Theological, where I studied western postmodern culture. My thesis was written on Web 2.0, and how it is dramatically shaping and changing the larger cultural context, both in the west and globally.  (The abstract can be found on this page.) Social media, technology and the cultural/epistemological landscape of the modern and postmodern US are my areas of research. This was intersected with the mission of God (missio Dei), and how the church can begin to (re)partner with YHWH in reconciling God to God’s people. This is what I hope to offer here: a conversation around the conversation.

My blog title came from Bruce Cockburn’s song of the same name. It’s a narrative about the struggle to identify oneself through the means of materialism and the masks we wear for others. It leaves us trapped and wandering behind our own bars, waiting for the moment to be free again. It’s part of our cultural story…


8 Responses to “A bit of Brian’s story…”

  1. Your beloved loves you…wife

  2. nice bio bri.
    that picture is almost as good as your pic from Cal U:)
    Go Vulcans!!!

  3. Man I miss you and Megan!

  4. Nice to have you at Fuller. Your input in class is invaluable. Peace, Narcissis

  5. Thanks, Narcissis!

  6. I envy your beard.

  7. Brian,
    ‘ppreciate you hanging it out here. I beginning to get it. Lets et together for a dark beer after the holidays…

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