Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who’ve Traded Life For… “National Interests.”

Memorial Day, a day of remembering soldiers who traded their lives for "national interests".

What is asked of American sons and daughters; what are they to die for?

As a recovering violent person who is trying to live out pacifism, this is a hard day. My grandfathers both survived WWII, and my dad and uncle were spared from Vietnam. My outcry of war and struggle with war and the American machine is not for an unappreciative stance of those that have gone into atrocities and given mind, body, and soul. In fact, I long for us to choose peace because we to ask our sons and daughters to become veterans to maintain a life of comfort (oil, privilege, “to buy the things we’d like/live the life we want”) that should not be traded in their lives. It does violence to us, them, and even moreso, those in other countries and cultures that we occupy.

I remember the lost today, because many (though not all) of their lives were traded for an American narrative of that does not care for them, but only the product of their work. May we strive for peace, and to live by a different story.

~ by Brian Shope on May 27, 2013.

One Response to “Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who’ve Traded Life For… “National Interests.””

  1. Amen.

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