A Humble Obituary for Osama bin Laden; Part III

John’s closing for bin Laden, which began here and here

On 9-1-1, the Western media showed video footage of street celebration in Palestine.  We were disgusted.  (It is a wonder that we repeated their actions last night.)

The day after 9-1-1, Hillary Clinton got on CNN and told America that they hate us because of our freedoms.  Ask any Arab why we are hated by so many.  They will tell you that we are hated for our foreign policy in the Islamic world.

I wish to this day that I could bring Hillary to Al-Khalil to meet the little boy that sought to lovingly convert me to Islam, to see what the war of Israeli imperialism has brought to his family and community, and for her to tell him that the United States, under the direction of her husband as well as her current boss, donates two billion dollars a year, mostly in weapons, to the Israeli government.  Hillary forever lost my vote that day, as she became a self-appointed leader in the disinformation campaign, just like Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.  Why do people like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader get this while Rudolf Giuliani and the rest of us remain, along with Hillary, ignorant and in denial?

So today, we remember Osama bin Laden, born into a broken and dysfunctional home.  Born into a wealth created by the bottom line of a free market economy.  Born into a region crying out for self-determination and common decency.  Born into a time when those in his own religion were providing simple answers to complex situations, solutions that included anti-Semitism and other forms of intolerance.  Born into a world that, in many ways, denies the face of God in the poor, the dispossessed, and the abused.  We pray for his wives and his children.

We also remember the victims of the 9-1-1- bombings, and for their spouses and their children.

We remember all of us born into corrupted wealth and broken homes.

We pray for those of us who rejoice when our enemies fall.

And we pray for a world where there is authentic self-determination, where all live in both peace and prosperity, according to the desire of God our Creator.  We pray for a miracle of God that can make all things right.

~ by Brian Shope on May 3, 2011.

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