‘What’s Happening?’: The Church and Web 2.0-Intro and Part 1

This post is my first since I’ve actually started writing my thesis. I’ve written a bit about the topics contained within in earlier posts, but this is the beginning of the distillation process. My last post was a lengthy abstract explaining my thesis, and I decided it contained my thoughts well for the introduction. So, it got some slight modifications, but it’s now part of the deal. Part 1 is the missiological foundations and theological framework. If you are a student of western theology, you may not recognize many of the sources. Missiology has some of its own big hitters, but unfortunately the two theological spheres don’t cross much.

This whole offering is the first draft, and I haven’t yet submitted this to my editors.  (Read: my wife.) It may be rough. However, if you’ve got thoughts, feedback or critique about the content, post it there at the document (I think comments can be made; first time using Google Docs for this); here on the blog, or hit me up on twitter. If your reading this, it means your familiar with the context I’m writing about. This means you’ve got Klout, and I’d be welcome to your insights.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Here’s the link:



~ by Brian Shope on November 22, 2010.

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