The iPhone and It’s Call To the Disquiet Within

My wife and I signed on to AT&T in April, purchasing the 3Gs 16gb iPhone for our digital pleasure. Wow. What a ride. We utilized the phones for a month, but had to give them up.  Why you ask? 3 reasons: 1.)  We had very poor service in our house. We live in the LA metro area, and had to stand outside (on our heads) to get service. As these are our primary communication device, this is not an insignificant thing.  I walked 1/2 mile around our neighborhood once with no service! We must live in an AT&T hole.  2.) The taxes were a bit high and went uncommunicated by AT&T at the signing of the contract. We didn’t have the extra $20 a month for the state and federal cuts on our service.

3.) This is probably the most significant: we just felt like the magic of the iPhone was sucking our life and attention and in an unhealthy way. We struggled with the need to be online all the time: is that necessary for us right now? Are we ever that far away from home/work/school/laptop to necessitate it’s need? Was our desire for simpler life being complicated by this device and it’s lure for slickery? I mean, the iPhone is awesome. I’d enjoy having it again, especially with OS 4 coming out. But, it seemed to bring forth a disquiet, a lack of peace. It wasn’t sitting right; for me particularly this was a struggle. I was becoming obsessed.  There was a tension of discord within, of disquiet which we could not settle while in possession of the phones. So, we bit the bullet and returned them.

As I’ve weighed in on getting an iPod for myself as a graduation gift (thanks mom and dad!), I’ve thought about the iPod touch. But I’m wondering if I’m choosing the same path. It was a bit of reality, then, to stumble across this Craigslist ad. We are not alone, the obsessed and disquieted…

I’m selling a slightly used 16gb iPhone 3GS running 3.1.3. I’ve had it for about five months now and I’ve babied it as best I could. There is nothing at all wrong with it, just a few scuffs on the back from a bit of grit getting between the case and the back. The screen has been covered by a high quality screen protector and it has had it’s case on since the day I got it. I’m selling it because I’m realizing I’m getting a little too obsessed with it and I could do with a bit more simplicity in my life, and so cheap because I want to sell it quickly. I want to sell it for about $200 plus your phone, or something along those lines. In the end I want about $200 (obo, this is a pretty good deal) and a simple phone, preferably flip and a little more current. I need to do this hopefully today, but I’ll have a bit of time tomorrow if that works better. I’m a very reasonable person and I’ll consider all offers unless they’re ridiculous, I know how much this is worth and I’m selling it for a decent amount less than it costs. I also have the box with all the papers and booklets and whatnot, the small adapter and cable. I’d like to keep the headphones because I don’t have another pair. I’m also going to need to keep the sim card, which means I can only trade with people already on the AT&T network. I’m a very real person and I hope we can come to a happy agreement. You can either email or call/text at . . . .  ask for Thomas. Thanks!

Thanks, Thomas, for your honesty and transparency. I wonder how many others of us (me included; I’m waiting to hear back from someone about an offer on an iPod Touch) have a disquiet within that has both arisen and been silenced by the magic of an apple…


~ by Brian Shope on June 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “The iPhone and It’s Call To the Disquiet Within”

  1. Hmmm…I love you even without your sleek iphone. I choose simplicity and a husband who I know’s pushing our boys on the swing at the park rather than checking his email. Thanks for choosing us. P.S. I still miss it, too. 🙂 But we’d miss you more!

  2. Oh Brian – I’m so glad there are people like you and Meg in this world. Unfortunately, Nathan got an unsolicited gift from my mother and has been suckered in. She said it’s to help him get through the hours of labor – what does that mean?! If he even looks at that thing once while I’m fighting a contraction, it will be in the trash before it makes it on craig’s list. I’m still revolting. Although I wonder if Thomas saw the episode of the Simpons featuring the “My-apple”. Lisa couldn’t afford the ipod, so she bought $40 ear-buds that she simply tucked into her pocket so she could fit in. I see through you, Thomas! But I guess one step at a time in the other direction is better than complete conforming without contemplating. We miss you guys! – Becky Harlan

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Chapman, Brian Shope. Brian Shope said: New Post: The iPhone and It’s Call To the Disquiet Within […]

  4. @Megan- Thanks babe!

    @Becky- Thanks for your encouragment! Yeah, for some of us we get sucked into the device, the creative genius of it. Nate strikes me as one who is a bit more self controlled, though. I’ve always been humbled by his ability to keep things in perspective and maintain an ability to approach things with care and multi-layered angles. We miss y’all too; we’re looking forward to being close enough to hang out with y’all more often!

  5. As an addendum to this post, I’d just like to offer that I’m not attempting to pass judgment on any and all who have, use, enjoy, or even obsess an iPhone. This is merely my experience, and one that seemingly others share. It is my reflection on the allure of the device and it’s ability to insert itself at an enormously fast pace in my (and others, as Thomas revealed) life. I don’t advocate a Luddite posture with technology, iPhone included.

  6. how about adroid?

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