Week 10 – Theology…Culture: Cobb; Conclusion

Cobb’s closing thoughts give rise to his convictions and intersection with cultural studies: by use of the word “their” in when referring to the respected cultural theorists today, he has set up an us/them dichotomy. He has a grasp of the truth and sees “through” contemporary culture’s longing for a transcendent God, and “they” (read: cultural theorists) have a stack of symbols that point to symbols only, without any foundation of a meta-narrative or greater meaning to life than semiotics. It is a sad thing to see that in the end, he has merely participated in the binaries that Derrida and Foucault exposed, and that his awareness of truth is limited to that which can concretely tied to transcendence that bespeaks only of the holy. Deconstruction and the genealogies of power/meaning, although not perfect, contain truth and point towards the systemic brokeness of the human spirit and incarnation.


~ by Brian Shope on March 11, 2008.

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