Week 9 – Response to Darren (Week 9. . .Life Everlasting)

Darren brings up an aspect of our faith that Cobb intonates that has long been left behind in modernism: the ghost or spirit that connects us to the other worldly. Last quarter we talked about the “middle realm” that has been discarded in a modern faith that has been shaped by a science discourse or worldview. We are drawn to the aspects of ghosts, I believe, not just because we long for an understanding of the next step for us, but because there must be something between here and there, now and then, that we can find to help give meaning to life. The story Cobb told of the Cambodian tradition rings similar: what are the creatures or activities that we have neglected in modernity that operate in the micro/local context spiritually, and not just the macro/YHWH/heaven context?


~ by Brian Shope on March 10, 2008.

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