Week 9 – Outline Revision/Thoughts

After reading this last chapter out of Cobb, I’ve thought about the common idyllic imprint shared by humanity that he referenced from the research of Russian artists Kolmar and Melamid (:276). If in fact this “blue landscape” that most people seem to find common as a possible paradise, this “understanding of God” or his place for us after death could be a connection to those who seek it in the backcountry as opposed to the art gallery. Peter Jackson brought this to life in Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Jane Tompkins has noted the Eden-esque nature of the pristine, untouched and untainted by sin landscapes of a westerns opening camera shot. (:268 ) These things can be a means of connecting to a subculture of people who live in these envrions from time to time.


~ by Brian Shope on March 10, 2008.

One Response to “Week 9 – Outline Revision/Thoughts”

  1. Will you interview frodo for your paper?

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