Week 9 – Theology. . .Culture: Cobb; Chp. 9

In his closing offering around culture and a means of approaching it from a faith perspective, Cobb explains the role of popular end-of-all-time accounts (usually by an alien form of some kind), visual arts, and film/TV as a look into western society’s view of the afterlife.  Although he offers insights and articulates true things, I’m not sure that these things are not altogether foreign to the people of Jesus.  What would be significant, in my opinion, would be some examples of communities who,after once identifying some aspect of culture that points us toward YHWH, were able to make the connections and provide some direction to another community or subculture towards greater faithfulness in YHWH.  Perhaps that wasn’t the scope of this text…


~ by Brian Shope on March 9, 2008.

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