Week 8 – Final Outline, First Draft

Final Paper Outline

I. Space/Place in the Wilderness

a. Space/Place in “civilization” as separated from each other

b. Space/Place in backcountry/wilderness as the same

i. Adventure WV of West Virginia University

c. Space/Place in church/Trinity Episcopal Church

i. How is space/place identified at Trinity

1. The “holy”, the place of worship, “exclusive” house of God

ii. Noting masculinity of workplace vs. femininity of home

d. Genderfication of space/place in backcountry

II. Anthropological or Syncretization Model to engage community

a. Listening

b. Responding

c. Engagement

III. Church community

a. Space/Place in the story of God as it relates to wilderness settings

b. Church’s view

i. Western Church/Global church

ii. Space/Place and genderfication at Trinity

iii. Trinity Locale in Morgantown, West Virginia around the outdoor       community


~ by Brian Shope on March 3, 2008.

One Response to “Week 8 – Final Outline, First Draft”

  1. looks good Brian – you know the drill by now!

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