Week 9 – Models…Theology: Bevans; Chp. 9

The counter cultural model is not anticultural, but instead recognizes that culture, context, social location, etc. is born from humans and subsequently intertwined with sin. This model seeks to interact within cultural forms, signs, etc., yet will call out, live, and speak into those aspects which are not congruent with the culture of God. This last model presented returns in some way to the attributes of the translation model with strong roots in the story of YHWH and his interaction with others through history. I suppose my question here is, although applicable for some of the other models, how does a community come to see and understand it’s missional call to particpate in the mission of God? The Missio Dei is the work we’re about, but we continue to see a community of Jesus interested more in measuring their spiritual formation than identifying where YHWH is at work in their midst…


~ by Brian Shope on March 2, 2008.

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