Week 8 – Response to Michael Huang (Bevan’s Chapter 8…)

Michael echo’s those concerns that are quite dangerous in the Transcendental model, to be sure. However, his statement that “Perhaps this model is best suited toward very local theologies–in fact, perhaps this model is the best place for individual pastors to begin when working with particular congregations. . . .” strikes me as curious. Aside from the larger social location of any given pastor/community of his work, my perception is that very local theologies may be one of the aspects of a life of faith that has gotten so little attention by Christendom. The theologies of the jobless steel worker families in Western PA, vs. the power broker who lives in Manhattan, are going to be very different indeed. Now I can’t read Michael’s mind, nor do I presume to know his further thoughts around this in so narrow a forum, but I also observe an intonation towards another model or mode of community after the pastor “begins” with this mode. If this is indeed Michael’s belief, I wonder why so? What is the “more suitable” manner or contextual theological model with which to continue?


~ by Brian Shope on March 2, 2008.

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