Week 8 – Models…Theology: Bevans; Chp. 8

Bevans here offers a model that is rooted not in knowing, practice or culture as the foundation for our theological engagment, but of identifying our own context (read: individual and self aware of ancestory, gender, geo-political space/place, etc.), and where the involvment, story and character of YHWH intersects through Jesus in the world around us in said context. It is in fact, a danger to found something that may slip into hyper relativism or paralyze one from acting out at all.  However, it speaks to the larger issues and context for doing theology: the Bible is not the revelation of God, but the Holy Spirit who opens up our understanding to the reality and character of the “triune” God. It bespeaks of a bit more broader approach than the translation model, say, which may carry presuppostions with it to it’s contextual efforts.


~ by Brian Shope on February 29, 2008.

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