Week 7 – Response to Joe (Barker [Politics])

I’d never put together Jim Wallis and his understanding of our current culture and the connection his work may have with cultural studies in our conversation in class that Joe has offered. He is certainly engaged in the politik of our culture to bring about the values of Jesus into policy. However, therein that last sentence is the incompleteness of Wallis’s efforts: he is very focused on politics, and his energy and focus is around policy and government. This of course isn’t a downfall, we need to engage in that space. However, the grass roots, local and broader cultural milieu needs our attention as well.


~ by Brian Shope on February 27, 2008.

One Response to “Week 7 – Response to Joe (Barker [Politics])”

  1. Not to disagree with your thoughts… because they are right on. But Wallis’ newest book deals with exactly what you are talking about: grass roots movements. It really is what works. You already came to this conclusion, but Wallis’ book is still worth a read.

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