Week 6 – Theology…Culture: Cobb; Chp. 6

Whether we put together our “self” by what we buy, or become a self by what we listen to, watch, read, etc., we may ultimately come to the questions of what makes us human?  Is it our memories, emotions, etc? Further, what do our own technological products offer that also shape who we are, instilling in us a partially synthetic self of “after-market” modifications?  Perhaps the questions, which Cobb opens the chapter with, are most appropriate?  How do we see our actions, or selves glorifying God?  What about technology do we need to plumb into and discern as how it may line up with the kingdom of God?  How do we understand our image bearing, and see the image bearing of others through technology, commodity fetishism?


~ by Brian Shope on February 18, 2008.

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