Week 6 – Response to Emmet B: Barker Chs 11 & 12

“. . .[I]s it fair for those whose lives and life chances depend on the structure and character of the ‘City’ to be overlord-ed by those in power? I don’t know. Influence and power are things that aren’t taken but earned, fairly or unfairly, and it seem natural that those in power would have the most to say about the character of the ‘City’.” I suppose my question here would be ‘the lives and life chances’ of which demographic of people would we look at? If some of the people are those who are those who are the marginalized in society (the homeless, those whose ancestral background is not the same of those in power, the other, etc.), than the power is in fact overlorded and broken. Many who are in those positions do not have the choice of leaving their context, they are bound to the city. Further, it would be suspect to deem things such as influence and power in the context Emmet offers as something that is ‘earned’, and whether said ‘powerful’ have the most say. Perhaps what I see here is how do we as people of Jesus respond to those in power who have oppressed or ignored those under their authoritarian care?


~ by Brian Shope on February 18, 2008.

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