Week 5 – Cultural Studies: Barker; Chp. 10

The study of sex, gender, and representation revolve in varying degrees around the aspects of biological characteristics and the environmental and cultural formations. However, on 310 Barker goes even further to say that ‘the images of women’ approach presents us with an epistemological problem. . . it asserts the truth and falsity of representations.  So then it seems in some manner that the post-colonial critique is here used in the same manner that Said critiqued Orientalism (266):  women have been formed, informed and subject to an identity and roles that are not representative.  What then, is the true feminine?  It also begs the question then of the masculine as well, which he discussed as a recent focus of cultural study.  (300 ff.)


~ by Brian Shope on February 10, 2008.

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