Week 4 – Response/Interaction with Randy Mah, on my Week 4: Barker, Chp. 7, Part 1

“My point is that if YHWH’s viewpoint is “subjective” He must be subject to something. YHWH is not subject to anything but himself and He is perfect. . . . Scripture tells us to test all things. And, If one doesn’t do this testing, be ready to be lead astray.”

Hmmm. I’m not quite sure what to make of your response, Randy. You seem to challenge the theology offered within my post, yet I offered these words: “. . .he is a perfect, holy and sinless God who sees all. . . . No one else knows this viewpoint, nor will we ever.” What I’m offering here within is not a question of God and his attributes, but our epistemology of God. How we know him. My comment about subjectivity would be answerable by your own statement “YHWH is not subject to anything but himself and He is perfect.” I totally agree with that. I do not challenge that one bit. It is this very attribute, though, that makes the triune godhead-perspective unique. In perfection, the manner of his very character, which is not created and outside him making him subject to it, is what his integrity and faithfulness as a Holy God (again, see original post) drives his “subjectivity”. It is integral in the character of YWHW: he is not subject to it, it is who he is. That is, he is subject to himself who will not fail to be who he is.


~ by Brian Shope on February 3, 2008.

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