Week 4 – Response/Interaction with Randy Mah, on my Week 4: Barker, Chp. 7, Part 2

As an aside, I have briefly thought about the aspect of the culture of YHWH and the triune Godhead. The three in one exist in a manner that we don’t perceive and understand, and there are others in the form of angels and demons who exist in this same manner. For lack of vocabulary, they have and abide in a culture. Again, they exist in above our understanding, but no less is it in existence. This makes their perspective unique, of which the term subjectivity has been used.

Perhaps the word “subjectivity” itself is the hangup in our dialogue; would perspective be more agreeable here? I say this because I would say that He is not objective, that is, seeing things from distance, as a faraway object. We are his image bearers and the creation is that which he spoke into being. Both we and it are shaped by his love, and his viewpoint of his creation is thusly reflective of such. Of course, this is my opinion and cannot know the mind of God, but I would think that he sees us in love, not at an objective distance. Nor do I think that having this bent is sinful or below YHWH. He is intimately tied to that which he is created, and that his “viewpoint” (again, vocab is lacking here) and interactions reflect such.

I’m not sure where in my post I’ve been a-Scriptural; I have not denounced the sovereignty of God, nor the incarnation of Chirst, or even the validity of Scripture the story of YHWH and Jesus to inform our identity and being. In fact, I think that realizing that our subjectivity and both grace and sin that shape us would humble us to be more open to the truths that others have seen and experienced with Jesus. Our pride is reflective in our objectivity or ideology; I know mine is. I love my ideology and manner with which I understand God. It’s the sin within me. But if I don’t hold it loosely, then I claim to have the direct line to God and truth, which, as your response to my post is evident, is not what everyone believes.


~ by Brian Shope on February 3, 2008.

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