Week 4 – Wednesday (Marxism)

It is interesting to read about Marx and his economic foundation of society. There are some relevant connections from his views into culture, but I would agree with Barker and others that it would be a bit much to reduce culture to just production/consumption. It’s so complex! Perhaps part of the struggle is our own worldview, which is still shaped by the secularism that categorizes life. Marx was a German in the early 1800’s, shaped by modernity and science even as he critiqued it. Therefore, his view will try to name one thing as dominant over others. Our own penchant for empirical data will support that, as if we can identify culture in such small ways. All of life is interconnected; should we not look to other means of understanding culture that inform an more circular, interconnected manner of culture, leaving the linear approach aside for a moment?


~ by Brian Shope on January 30, 2008.

One Response to “Week 4 – Wednesday (Marxism)”

  1. Good thoughts Brian – while I do think Marx may have set us in the right direction with these critiques, we have to go further and much deeper into our analysis of culture now.

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