Week 3 – Response to Ben: Barker, Chp. 6

Barker offers a description of Globalization as an “increasing consciousness of the world”. What if we harnessed the power of this seemingly unstoppable force as a means to share the message of Jesus Christ? Our only hope can be to bring the thought of Christ into this ‘consciousness’ and let Globalization take its course. I guess the point is: Can there be some redemption for globalization?

Ben asks a key question here.  To pick it up here for me would be to think about what a global culture will look like, and if it falls under the influence of  another culture more heavily than others.  That is, does the western culture, which includes the influence of McDonaldization, hold a dominant sway in the global culture?  If the communication industry that operates globally is predominantly from the west, than one would surmise that the west is in fact dominating the world scene.  If so, what are those narratives and the discourse, and how is that Jesus would interact with an empire that exerts its power towards a free market economy, with other countries that feed it reduced to the resources contained within their boundaries?


~ by Brian Shope on January 28, 2008.

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