Week 1 – Cultural Studies: Baker; Chp. 2

If I had had some patience, I would have read about some of the problems that belie cultural studies particularly around rationality and the shattered, un-holisitc manner of approach. One problem, however, that he raised around the study of language as the connecting thread in cultural studies did not go far enough, in my opinion. (:37-40) He expresses concern over the detachment of language from the speaker, stating that we’ve made something into a system that becomes disconnected from its root. Even his response, that it is a tool for communicating and that it should be revisited for study in its context with the speaker reveals the western, rational worldview, yes?  It has been reduced to its mechanism alone, without aesthetics, emotion, etc.  Could communication be something other than a “tool”? Why categorize it as a “tool”? What of a community or individuals desire to express oneself, to be understood? Is this the drive for connectivity, and language is merely like a hammer or screwdriver?


~ by Brian Shope on January 14, 2008.

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