Week 1 – Cultural Studies: Barker; Chp. 1

Barker gives us quite an in-depth look at cultural studies, its history and its roots. I don’t know if I have enough foundation in cultural studies with which to respond to the content he’s offered. However, I suppose that in some manner I would offer a bit of irony in what I’ve read around cultural studies.  I would agree that cultural studies is in fact a study of facets of many other disciplines, and that part of the realization of cultural studies is that we understand and know from a context and that our context shapes knowing.  While Barker acknowledges these, it brings two questions to the surface:  are we approaching this study from a manner that doesn’t acknowledge the interconnectedness of said disciplines?  Modernity, the episteomology of secularism, would not readily do so.  Secondly, is his understanding of the text reflective of this, as is our own, based in an institution that approaches knowledge in a secularized manner?


~ by Brian Shope on January 13, 2008.

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