Week 10 – Sugirtharajah: How. . .Suppressed; Mbuwayesango

Although I can understand the premise of Mbuwayesango’s point, and that agree that there was an oppression of the means and faith of the Shona, I disagree about the response she offers. Using the Shona word Mwari (their name for their god) YHWH was an attempt at contextualization; however, the missionaries were a) syncretized to the work of colonization, and b) unable to integrate the rest of the faith system into the sharing of YHWH’s story, character, and mission. There was truly an example of the suppression of the stories and faith of the Shona, but the appropriate recourse perhaps, for those of us involved in mission, needs to be a greater care and recognition of the narratives and discourse of a culture and the manner and means with which they communicate those narratives.

~ by Brian Shope on November 27, 2007.

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