Week 9 – Response to Jalissa: Huie-Jolly’s Article

Jalissa touched on the Maori’s proclamation of Judaism after the colonization and “othering” of this people.  She offers that their response, was in fact a maturing of their faith and making it their own.  She states:

I do not believe that the people so much changed who they were following but instead matured in their faith and made it their own.

Although I agree this is so, it would remain the question of how they saw their faith in relation to Jesus.  In stating themselves Jewish, they seemed to communicate that they no longer would be followers of Jesus.  In this translation of faith under the colonizer and over time, they chose to reject that which was connected to the west, and yet hold onto some of the histories and faith, albeit in a different, rejected manner of that which was offered them by the missionaries.


~ by Brian Shope on November 24, 2007.

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