Week 9 – Sugirtharjah: Maori Jews….; Huie-Jolly

Huie-Jolly makes the claim that the indigenous Maori of New Zealand disclaim Christ on the basis of the message of Jesus and it’s deliverance in a colonizing context.  They reject Jesus and instead claim to be Jews.  This occurrence was based on texts in John 5 where John records the Jews interactions with Jesus in disbelief, particularly when Jesus says that those who don’t believe or accept him don’t accept the Father as well.  This story of the Maori Jews is wrought with a heavy sadness and intrigue all the same time.  How would it be that the agents of the Kingdom would carry themselves in a manner that would identify with the power of the oppressor?  How does our demeanor, posture, and incarnation of “a” gospel manifest in it’s recipients an utter rejection based from a position of oppression in our current context?  What gospel are we bringing?  Is it the Gospel of peace that gives sight to the blind and freedom of the oppressed and prisoner?  Or does our gospel actually imprison and blind those who come into it’s presence?


~ by Brian Shope on November 23, 2007.

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