Week 8 – Sugirtharajah: Tyranny, Boundary, and Might; Liew

Post-colonial hermeneutics of Mark seem to read his telling of Jesus and his ministry in an empire, power holding manner.  I can see how this interpretation is valid, although my readings of Mark were limited to what they offered in their response, given the time restraints of other work.  I suppose my questions begin, then, at the point of narrator & character.  Is Jesus vying or portraying himself in this way, a King of power and authority over and above Caesar, or is this the slant of Mark, the storyteller?  How does Liew, and subsequently Moore, read the same or similar stories of Jesus in the other synoptics?  (I suppose that would also play into their understanding of the synoptics and the source of such.)  That is, if there are the telling of the same stories in Luke and Matthew, how does this inform our understanding of Jesus?


~ by Brian Shope on November 16, 2007.

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