Week 8 – Ashcroft: Glocalization; Robertson

Robertson mentions, in this piece, that globalization is not the opposite of localization.  He proffers that even in places where there is an import of a global/outside practice into the local, it has the local manifestation of said practice, particularly as it relates to McWorlding.  Although I agree that the four imperatives may look different from one locale to the next, the overall affect of the globalization brings a discourse into the local that shapes the culture or habits of the local into a similar manifestation of those that have adopted the same discourse.  For example, an information-technology imperative may have a different manifestation on the ground between Canada and India, but they employ the discourse in nonetheless.  I’m not sure that the local, when assuming a globally spreading discourse, can maintain it’s uniqueness, especially if the discourse is foreign altogether to the locale prior to it’s inception.


~ by Brian Shope on November 15, 2007.

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