Week 8 – Wednesday

In relation to the material of class, i.e. othering, post-modernity/post-empire/post-colonialism, how radical Jesus was in his presentation of the Kingdom in word and life, etc., I came from a community(ies) and a general worldview even in the younger generations that didn’t necessarily identify with these themes or see them as valid.  Coming here, where there was a degree concentration surrounding how we live our lives with these radical things in mind in communities was a breath of fresh air.  I felt as though in my past contexts I was constantly pushing against this brick wall; after starting here, it seems that the wall is gone, or last more flexible.  My peers in the program seem to see things in this way as well.  However, I’m so used to pushing on the wall that sometimes I see myself awkwardly responding to a context that isn’t there.  I suppose I’m still adjusting to this community, life in school, etc.


~ by Brian Shope on November 14, 2007.

One Response to “Week 8 – Wednesday”

  1. I can relate to this as well.

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