Week 7 – Sugirtharajah: On Naming the Subject; Chia

Of course! Why wouldn’t Daniel be a post-colonial text?  Now that Chia has brought his perspective to the reading, it makes utter sense.  That there would be a political or sociological aspect that needs to be recognized is obvious, but it takes someone from a different story to bring this to light.  In what other ways have we misread Scripture, or read into it the “spiritual” reading, when perhaps there are other contextual readings that bring warranted understanding to the narrative?  We have not given enough voice to the text from those on the margins.  (As a side note, I thought of the movie The Matrix when Chia discussed naming and the narrator’s resistance to use Daniel’s, et. al., Babylonian names over against their Hebrew names/identities: “My name is Neo.”)


~ by Brian Shope on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “Week 7 – Sugirtharajah: On Naming the Subject; Chia”

  1. Good question Brian! I am commenting on this entry this week.

    Josh Raskin

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