Week 7 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.): The Book Today in Africa; S.I.A. Kotei

Kotei confirms the efforts and difficult nature of authors getting published in Africa.  The nature of the diversity of histories, languages, and cultures in Africa make it difficult for a consortium of publishers, editors and authors that can commonly work together towards reading and the written word.  In order to make money, the writers sometimes will send their manuscripts to Europe or the US.  However, what of the nature of books and the written language at all?  Is this not a modern or imperial import, particularly as the English language as a means of colonization?  Was not the nature of story and being told and communicated in a different way?  Education and history, was it not culturally expressed? Is the very nature and aspect of writing in Africa difficult as well because it’s narratives are better told in other ways?


~ by Brian Shope on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “Week 7 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.): The Book Today in Africa; S.I.A. Kotei”

  1. Interesting question – I wonder what a response to this is? It’s amazing how much revolves around language – or at least it seems like something you’re interested in as it comes up a lot here. Is this an area you’re going to pursue in your paper?

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