Week 7 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.): Singapore; Poet, Critic, Audience; Hyland

What Hyland seems to be indicating in the midst of his reflection seems to center on two things:  the conversant language of written poetry and the amount of readership poets enjoy.  On the parent language, more poetry was printed in Chinese than in English.  He seems to indicate that there is a desire to see this shift to English, where, perhaps, there is a greater number of folks to read.  Perhaps this is also connected to the aspect of who’s willing to publish and offer the Singaporean works.  Of his points, he offers a good start.  But as newly introduced to post-colonialism, I’m not sure what Hyland is offering us in greater clarity of how the Empire is connected to Singapore’s situation.


~ by Brian Shope on November 5, 2007.

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