Week 6 – Fuellenbach Chp. 5

Fuellenbach’s offering in this chapter affirms Ryan’s statement about the Catholic church being on the forefront of inculturation and missional approaches to church.  However, it’s scandalous to the church, Catholic and otherwise.  It is also one of the critiques of the western church today:  it is a business with it’s traditions and sacraments vocationalized or professionalized in a manner that a hierarchy meets out the faith.  We cannot enter into the “Holy of Holy’s”, i.e., take communion/Eucharist, without the hand of a priest or pastor to bless or offer it.  Feullenbach is much more kind and less reactive than my statement.  But he does identify the need for the intersection of movement of the Spirit, Scripture, faith, and culture as to how we respond and live out community.  Here Here!


~ by Brian Shope on November 1, 2007.

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