Week 5 – Response to Alex Lazo on Fuellenbach, and subsequently Jesse Rivers

I agree, Alex. What was difficult for me in this reading was the lack of reference to Jesus, Paul, etc., on what the foundations for the church and Kingdom dynamic looks like. I reflected on this a bit more thoroughly on my post of the same. I don’t see them the same, either, for the same reasons: How often has God moved outside of the community of faith in order to accomplish his will? In the OT we just read about Balaam in Biblical Foundations, Isaiah references Cyrus and Persia as the the instrument of his hand to bring about the justice of the remnant, etc. Even during the time of Jesus, the disciples reprimand a couple of other people for doing things in the name of Jesus, although they apparently didn’t know them. Jesus gently rebukes them, correcting them about their understanding of orientation vs. geography/proximity to Jesus. Further, Jesus himself speaks about the Kingdom some 92 times by name (:22), prior to the existence of the church. Jesse, do you see those that care for the marginalized outside of the church, then, outside of the Kingdom? How would you define the activities that bear the love and compassion of God that happen outside of the context of the church/Kingdom symbiosis?


~ by Brian Shope on October 26, 2007.

One Response to “Week 5 – Response to Alex Lazo on Fuellenbach, and subsequently Jesse Rivers”

  1. Brian, I really appreciate this kind of dialogue. I will reply to your questions as an additional post on my blog site. Thanks for the questions and sincere dialog. Blessings! —Jesse

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