Extra Post – Fuellenbach Chp. 4 Part II

Secondly, although connected, is the frequency of which Jesus himself spoke of the kingdom prior to the church community existing. Now, if we see the church community as a off-shoot of the synagogue communities of the Jews, than this might be a non-issue. But to offer that church/kingdom is the same would be difficult to explain given the Kingdom precedes the existence of the church. (I’m not an expert, by any means, and anyone with a little more knowledge than I could certainly inform me of the large missing pieces in my thoughts, I’m sure.) Secondly, does not the word church, derived from the Greek ekklesia, simply mean “public gathering”? (: 23) He goes on to say that the early Christians co-opted it from the Septuagint and Jewish derivation by which it meant “sacred assembly”. They became a community based on the death and resurrection of Christ. Nonetheless, they were a community of people of Jesus. Does this mean that when we read “ekklesia”, translated as church now, that we think of this clumsy and large “assembly”, broken into fractions in the west, who all pursue Jesus in a rather homogenized doctrinal manner? We have lost community and gained institution, and now are trying to understand the Kingdom in light of this fraction.


~ by Brian Shope on October 25, 2007.

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