Week 4 – Reflection on Bryson’s Blog, Class Reflection 10/17

Well said, Bryson. Imperialism at it’s heart has the propensity to believe itself worthy of reproduction without thought of it’s recipients at best, or idealogical to violent ends at worst. I continually struggle with it: as a member of the society of imperialism, further, one who holds the most power, how to learn and understand how to go about de-imperializing not only myself, but those who perpetuate it along side me. And then there’s the aspect of how to care for the subaltern without turning it into further manipulation or a means of holding power over said peoples. Perhaps that was part of the struggle that Gandhi had with his friend the priest. And what of the opposite? The flip of the binarism? This, of course, doesn’t need to be the case, life is not mutually exclusive. But any ideology imposed upon another has the capacity to create a subaltern, no matter the breadth of power. And if there is no power struggle in the midst of it, it still calls into question the very nature of ideology: They are rooted in beliefs and shaped by a worldview that has the power for violence.


~ by Brian Shope on October 21, 2007.

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