Week 4 – Fuellenbach Chapter 3

After a somewhat hard-to-follow read through the definition(s) of church, Fuellenbach closed with an interesting read of church as it’s incarnated with/by/through family. Following my immediate skepticism, I have initially come to a place where I understand the truths’ that he founds this insight. It could be of profound change if we saw families in this manner (quite different, in my opinion, of James Dobson/evangelicalism’s approach of family) and began orienting ourselves with this truth at our foundation. However, the drawbacks and weakness to this understanding is that if you find yourself in a “church” of this type, and the other family members you’ve grown up with are not orienting themselves towards Jesus (as I did), how does this the family remain or incarnate church? Not speaking in this concept of church in salvific norms (i.e., the faithful actions of peoples in other faiths as God sees and understands them as oriented to himself), but in terms of the church, how does family constitute church if only some of the family follow Jesus?


~ by Brian Shope on October 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Week 4 – Fuellenbach Chapter 3”

  1. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I have commented on your response to Fullenbach on my site.
    John Brennan

  2. Nice post. I commented on it on my blog also.

  3. Nice post. I commented on it also.

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