Week 3 – Response to Jabrennen (John Brennen) on Horsley

John, I agree with your read and assesment of church and our need for response, particularly as founded on Jesus’ care for things other than money and power used in an oppresive and repressive manner.  Perhaps it’s a nuance, or semanitcs, but I would disagree that our responsed needs to be anti-capitalistic or anti-imperialistic because he was.  We need to be about citizenship in the kingdom, a citizenship that is about tenets that don’t shape people through the image of wealth (capitalism) or the image of culture (imperalism).  If we respond to these things out of a reactionary means, than perhaps the power of capitalism and imperialism haven’t changed much.  Further, when the tenets of our faith, different than captialism/imperialism are realized, we may find they become empty/unfulfilling in the way they express faithfulness at best, or oppressive to other means of expression at worst.  Jesus wasn’t as much anti- anything as he was different.  It’s different to care for others in a manner that overlooks wealth or economic status as a foundation for worldview as Jesus did/does, and it sets itself up against a regime or worldview with that preminent value, but not in a reactionary sense.  If the focus is in the anti-, we become as the zealots or the Sicarri, who surreptitiously take on the imperilism with violence.  This of course is not to say that in reading your blog I’ve thought that of you!  Not by any means; this is just a possible end to a means that is just a bit off the mark…


~ by Brian Shope on October 12, 2007.

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