Week 3 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.); Nationalism as a Problem, Chatterjee

Interesting:  Chatterjee proposes that it was “. . .Protestantism and print-capitalism’ which brought about [“thinking” the nation/a national thought/worldview/standard].  He offers that the Protestant church, in it’s desire to communicate around, against, or in spite of Latin as a written langauge, was able to print it’s dialouge in a language.  It was however, that the choice of which language to use set apart dialects of the same, or at worst, other languages all togther, from this discourse.  In so doing, print solidfied one dialect or langauge as a “standard” during the times of the German/Luthern, English/Anglican and Swiss/Geneva efforts of church and faithfulness, chose inherently to discount other voices from the dialogue.  This set “national” benchmark in order to participate.


~ by Brian Shope on October 12, 2007.

One Response to “Week 3 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.); Nationalism as a Problem, Chatterjee”

  1. good work this week Brian.

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