Week 3 – Ashcroft (1st Ed.); Education and NeoColonialism, Altbach

Altbach wrote here about how America and other western states have exerted their influence in education onto the “other”.  He offered to concrete examples:  the first was the development of Amercian monies towards technical schools that competed with the national and indigenous universities already in place.  These students would be trained in a manner that would reflect not only the practice and worldview of their disciplines in an American fashion, but would create “sympathy” towards the US as a “standard” or “norm” as a way of being/doing.  The second was the funding assistance to an Indian Institution, where those academics can participate in other American conversations within the discipline of their study, in contrast with the national institutions who may not meet the “standards” of conversation as dictated by the west.  Colonialism is not dead…


~ by Brian Shope on October 12, 2007.

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