Week 3 – Sugirtharajah Reading; Renewal Movements… Judea, Horsley

So essentially, the first 3 centuries of following Christ were done as small, indigenous movements that were a subculture of the greater empire.  With Constantine/Augustus rise to power, he made it the institutional community of faith, until today.  Therefore, we’ve also been the faith institution of oppression against not only the Jews, but others as well (ie., the Crusades a and the war with Iraq).  From a post-colonial stance to the empire itself pre-Augustus, the Kingdom of God has become a kingdom (read: empire) in our current context in a manner perhaps not so in fashion as Jesus spoke about himself.

As an Theological aside, I wonder how much of the Pharisee’s response to Jesus was due in fact to the mediating role they played between Jewish and the colonizing imperial rule at the time. (72) Perhaps part of thier reaction was in quelling the constant upstarts who threatened greater harm to the Jewish society.


~ by Brian Shope on October 9, 2007.

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