Week 2 – Response to Molly

May I add to your questions, Molly? What would it mean to be the fulfillment and incarnation of Christ now, as people of the Kingdom? I suppose my own journey has brought me to Fuller to answer that very same question. I was both encouraged and challenged by Fuellenbach and his question’s about community/church and Jesus’ intention about founding a church. I enjoyed your reference toward Jesus fulfilling the law; I suppose I err, however on the other side. Could we as the followers of Jesus, be faithful to express Christ and point towards the glory of God in our day, without an institutional church? And still be faithful to fulfill? (I hope I understood the tenor and expression of your post; I could be missing something…)


~ by Brian Shope on October 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Week 2 – Response to Molly”

  1. Brian-
    I think that perhaps Jesus meant something very unique when he said that he came to fulfill the law. I believe that he had a completely different definition of what ‘fulfilling’ the law should look like. Perhaps truly caring for the society’s least wanted- widows, orphans and especially refugees (It has to be Biblical- who doesn’t like refugees..my personal favorite)- was ‘fulfilling’ the law in his eyes. If I had to pick an extreme version of Jesus’ view on the church I would also have to side with the nomad who traveled around and holistically healed people- that’s a church I would like to belong to. Thanks for the wise insight…

  2. great dialogue here brian and molly.

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