Week 2 – Ashcroft Reading; Post-Colonial…Counter-discourse, Tiffin.

The subversive and counter-colonial practice of writing as a means of maintaining ones indigenous identity has creativity, hope and empowerment entwined within. As a means of countering the oppression of the colonizer and exporter of culture, this method offers a grassroots opportunity for a people to remember who they are in the midst of the unwanted, coerced culture. That the writers (Jean Rhys, Samuel Selvon, and Daniel Defoe) would do so in the greater context of the discursive field is even more inspiring. It rings of similarity with the theory that the story of creation in Genesis was written in fact during the Babylonian exile: that a priest, scribe, etc. would have received the divine revelation that all the people of the world as image bearer’s of YHWH in the face of an oppressive story of creation of Tiamat, Kingu, etc., which revealed the Israelites as slaves and the outcasts of the created world. We are not the people of the colony/Babylon whose story is yours, but we have a story and history and culture that lives and thrives beyond the universality you claim to bring.


~ by Brian Shope on October 7, 2007.

One Response to “Week 2 – Ashcroft Reading; Post-Colonial…Counter-discourse, Tiffin.”

  1. great review brian!

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