Some more ranting on Marginal voices, post colonialism, etc. (see the post Week 2 – Wednesday)

As a white male, my experience is limited in this way. I am not a marginal voice, but a representative voice of power. Honestly, sometimes I wish it wasn’t that way. I’m ashamed of the behavior and life that those I belong to have meted out for the ’empire’. My contribution to this may not be of comission, but of omission. I have omitted to be one who more actively pursues the freedom of the oppressed, the space for hearing the voice of the marginalized, who avoids the corners where those who don’t have their own space to call home gather for their vocation: ‘will work for food’. Or for those who give me the access to ‘Folgers in my cup’, wear the latest in Nike runners so that I can shave 3 seconds off my marathon time, and deal with discarded heavy metals in their homeland because it was time for an upgrade.  I am responsible.


~ by Brian Shope on October 3, 2007.

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