Week 2 – Monday; Gandhi

I was challenged by the post-colonial lens with which we were encouraged to watch Gandhi today. One point of note: the scene in which the farming community was starving and struggling for life because the empire dictated the crops to grow, and how much, etc. The market fell out, they had no buyers, but couldn’t grow anything else. How is that we, the empire of the U.S. or the west, dictate the same for other nations/peoples? North Face, Nike, Gap, the hazard light button in my Honda: these are manufactured outside of the West by people who are not wearing these items, at least not by choice. They get the hand-me-downs of the older siblings, worn out and hole-y. Where else do we dictate lifestyle in so basic and caustic manners?


~ by Brian Shope on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Week 2 – Monday; Gandhi”

  1. great questions brian – I think there are some really hard truths behind them.

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